RHOCs Dawn Ward reveals real reason for Dubai move as she overhauls life

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward overhauled her life and moved to Dubai which she said has been the right decision for "the whole family."

The reality TV star, 50 made the major move to Dubai with her ex-footballer husband Ashley Ward and their two youngest daughters, Charlie and Aston. The couple who celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in June this year also share daughters Taylor and Darby, both of whom have welcomed their own daughters.

The Dubai move came after Dawn announced in December 2020 that she'd be leaving the glamorous "Golden Triangle" of Cheshire show after 12 seasons. Speaking exclusively with OK! from across the globe, the doting mum of four and nanna to two granddaughters detailed their huge move and how they "absolutely love it".

While sitting on a sofa in their lavish Dubai pad with views out to their sprawling swimming pool, Dawn told us: "It's been a really good decision, not just for me but the whole family."

Dawn who now runs her interior design company Artisa Design Limited continued: "While I'm known for being on television, my actual 'real job' is that I'm an interior designer and the economy out here is really strong, there's lots of people moving out here.

"There's lots of property and new properties being built, so from a business perspective, that was the best thing, that was the first and foremost reason why I moved here."

The mum of four added: "But my younger children who are 14 and 16, they absolutely love it.

"There's very little crime, the school is amazing, they've made so many nice friends and I think it's really nice, especially for the girls to experience living in a different country."

The move hasn't come without its difficulties as Dawn shares it was hard being far away from her eldest daughters and her two grandchildren. But said "We managed to make it work" – by Facetiming her granddaughters every day, twice a day and seeing them every month.

Dawn went on to excitably reveal the news that Taylor will be soon making the move to Saudi Arabia with her footballer husband Riyad Mahrez and their daughter Mila who they welcomed into the world in July last year. While daughter Darby has "finally given in" and is heading to Dubai this week with her husband Michael Jackson and their daughter Skye for "two months to see if they like it."

The former RHOC star said: "I'm so excited, I'm finally going to have all my girls in the Middle East with me." Hoping Darby will permanently make the move so her entire family could be together, Dawn said she would consider their own reality TV series, which would include the "whole family."

She said: "I still do want to do TV, but maybe with my family going forward". When asked if she'd ever appear on The Real Housewives of Dubai, Dawn didn’t say anything but instead smiled at the camera before telling us "You never know do you, you never know."

The 50 year old celebrated her birthday earlier this year with a mammoth of getaways including a stay at a lavish hotel in Turkey with 54 of her closest friends and family, a sun-soaked trip to Marbella and Nice, along with a UK party. Since making the move to Dubai, Dawn said "It's really changed the way we live" – "I don’t really drink alcohol, I eat a lot cleaner and exercise a lot more".

The TV star already has big plans for Christmas with the family this year and will be held at their Dubai home for the very first time. She shared that she'd already been looking at hats for the day and decorations to put in the pool "I'm very gregarious, I love my full house", the doting mum said.

Before adding: "We've never been one to spoil our children, we've been quite strict with them, bringing them up, but Christmas is the one time of year they get absolutely ruined, I love it."

Dawn Ward was speaking on behalf of ICE36 – check out the ICE 36 blog for more.

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