Spencer Matthews explains reason behind weight loss after sparking concern among fans

Spencer Matthews has explained the reason behind his weight loss after fans raised concerns about it.

The 35 year old Made In Chelsea star posted pictures of him modelling a slick navy blue outfit to social media as part of an advertisement for M&S. But his followers were distracted by his body transformation.

One wrote: “Sorry to say but you have lost too much weight.” A second added: “Awesome shots here Spencer! Love the outfit, but I hate to say this you're losing a lot of weight.”

A third said: “Oh gosh! Spenny! What's with the weight loss?”

Explaining the reason behind his body transformation, Spencer replied: “I'm training for a huge event next year. Looking to raise some serious money for a great cause. Announcement coming early in the new year.”

Other fans rushed to defend Spencer in the comments. One wrote: “You absolutely don’t need to explain your body to anyone. Sorry so many people think it’s appropriate to comment on it. No one should be commenting on anyone's body!”

Another added: “Why anybody feels it’s their place to comment on someone else’s body (whether they see it as a compliment or not) is completely beyond me.”

Spencer has previously shown off his body transformation after his "life spiralled out of control" in his party days whilst he was starring on Made in Chelsea. The father of three has now been sober for five years after making the conscious decision to give up alcohol in 2018 – a choice that changed his life for the better.

Earlier this year he shared some before and after snaps side by side. The first set of pictures was from his MIC drinking days 10 years ago – one showing him leaving a club with sweat coming through his shirt while another featured him downing shots with best pal Jamie Laing – who has since reassessed his own relationship with alcohol. The after picture showed him looking healthy and muscular this year after making his lifestyle change.

Spencer and his wife, Irish model Vogue Williams, are currently on tour with their podcast, which they launched in 2020. The show, called Spencer and Vogue, sees them discuss their day-to-day home lives and marriage.

In September this year, Vogue opened up on being skinny-shamed by trolls as she modelled her M&S black swimsuit. The 37 year old model and mum of three spoke about the incident that even led to the high street brand jumping to her defence, with the TV personality saying that 'people aren't kind anymore.'

When the pictures were uploaded to Marks & Spencer's Instagram and some nasty comments were made, the clothing store said: "A kind reminder to our followers that we use our platform in a positive way. We're proud to represent and celebrate people of all shapes and sizes.

“We won't tolerate any unkind or negative comments and anything unacceptable will be deleted. Let's all continue to uplift one another. Love M&S x."

Vogue later told The Sun: "I would never in a million years say anything negative to anyone online because I don't know them. People aren't kind. We went through a stage where everyone wanted to be kind to each other but now it's not.”

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