'The Jennifer Hudson Show' Delays Season 2 Premiere Amid Writers' Strike

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” is delaying the start of its sophomore season, as the writers remain on strike.

According to Deadline, after much discussion and at Hudson’s urging, “The Jennifer Hudson Show” is pausing production and its season two premiere. The show was set to air on Monday, September 18.

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” is hosted by the Oscar winner and features celebrity interviews, topical stories, community heroes, viral sensations, and music.

In addition, Drew Barrymore also announced that she was delaying the return of her talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show,” while CBS has also put a hold on the season premiere of “The Talk.” Both shows also were set to premiere, Monday, September 18.

The Writers Guild of America, which represents more than 11,500 screenwriters, are protesting against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The ongoing strike began on May 2, 2023.

(Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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