Travis Kelce Accidentally Reveals His Nickname For Taylor Swift On Podcast!

Travis Kelce may try to be coy about his relationship with Taylor Swifton his podcast — but you can’t have all these candid conversations without giving stuff away, whether you want to or not.

On this week’s New Heights podcast, Trav got all humble about his latest record — becoming the fastest tight end to hit 11,000 receiving yards in the NFL, the only Kansas City Chiefs tight end to do so. Now he’ll continue to break his own record every game, basically! He quipped:

“At this point, it’s cool, but we don’t need to say congrats every time I get to a whole number.”

He then deflected the praise from himself and made sure to thank the rest of the squad:

“Shout-out to all my teammates for helping me get these records every week.”

His brother (and co-host) Jason Kelce teased him by bringing up how proud Taylor was! Because as Perezcious readers already know she showed her love on social media afterward:

“You might not care about records but you know who does? A 92%er by the name of Taylor Swift. That’s right. She ‘liked’ an Instagram announcement from the Chiefs about you breaking this record.”

Trav clearly got SO embarrassed, uttering his signature “Alright nah.” Then, however, he shouted out his girlfriend — and casually used his pet name for her! He said:

“Thanks, Tay. I appreciate you on the Chiefs page supporting the Yeti. Yeah… what’s this next question?”

He may be trying to change the subject, but he can’t help be earnest! We LOVE that he calls her Tay! So cute! LOLz!

Meanwhile Jason would NOT let his little bro go without a little more teasing! You know how older siblings have to do! He prodded about Trav’s girlfriend’s new, very specific football fandom:

“Has she always been a fan of tight end receiving yards?”

The blushing Travis replied:

“I’m not sure, that’s a good question. Maybe, I don’t know if she’s a fan of tight ends or not. Have to ask her.”

LOLz! We’re not sure if he was trying to make a double entendre or if it’s just impossible not to when his position is called a tight end! In any case, these two continue to be just so cute!

Watch the full latest episode of the adorable podcast (below)!

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