Coronation Street and Hollyoaks star rushes son to hospital after health scare

Soap beauty Lucy-Jo Hudson has told how she had a terrifying trip to hospital after her three-year-old fell ill.

The Corrie and Hollyoaks star opened up on Instagram in a “honest mum post” as she said how “crazy” life could be. Sharing snaps of Carter looking happy and healthy in the car then asleep on a hospital bed, she shared that she’d taken him to A&E as she suspected he had an infection.

“This was me and Carter on Saturday…” she wrote, asking fans to swipe to see what happened a few hours later. “How do they go from being absolutely normal to then being in A&E?” she went on.

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Lucy-Jo, 40, reassured her followers that Carter was “100% better now”. “I really thought he had a water infection God love him, but it turned out it was another infection (down below) bless him!” she said.

“Thank God he’s back to his normal self now, well as normal as my threenager is. But how crazy is life, you go from one extreme to another being a mum don’t you? He was on stage doing his Christmas show, the next… we’re in A&E!!!”

Lucy-Jo – also mum to daughter Sienna – faced another hospital dash when Carter was 18 months old, after he had an allergic reaction. In the summer she told fans on Instagram what happened, explaining that her little boy is allergic to a few things including nuts.

"He was in the trolley, eating snacks while I was getting tea with Sienna, and he suddenly looked at me and I knew something was severely wrong!" she said.

"He went grey, his mouth went blue and he started to go all limp. He was struggling to catch his breath. God did my heart sink, I literally grabbed him out of the trolley, abandoned the shopping and Sienna and I just ran to my car! I strapped him in his car seat which was awful because at this point he was going in and out of consciousness and his skin was going all mottled, and I couldn’t hold him close as I had to drive to A&E!"

The star said when she got to the hospital she ran inside carrying Carter with Sienna by her side, and that nurses "flew out of every door". "It was the most terrifying moment of my life!" she said, thanking medical staff for all they did.

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