Wrestlemania 36: AJ Styles Explains Boneyard Matches And Wrestling To An Empty Arena

This weekend, WWE hosts its biggest wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania 36. The 2020 PPV will be quite different from past events, as it will take place over the course of two nights with no audience in attendance. One of the highlights of the evening will be “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles taking on a Wrestlemania staple, The Undertaker.

The two will collide in a Boneyard match during the April 4 Mania weekend. But what is a boneyard match? “It’s hard to tell you exactly what it is,” Styles admitted to GameSpot. “But see, I can tell you this. There’s no rules. At the end of the day, anything’s going to go, anything can be used. And I would say that he’s playing into my game, you know? I mean, he’s not thinking… Maybe the Undertaker’s been so angry with A.J. Styles, and everything that he has said, that he’s not even thinking straight, which could be a good thing for the fans because they’re going to get the Undertaker that they are used to seeing. This guy who’s going to beat the tar out of you. So there’s that. But it’s just a different match. Like I said, without giving it away, I think it’s exactly what you think it is.”

Because of the current pandemic, there will be no fans in attendance for the show of shows. But how does that affect the performers inside the ring? “Everything we do is based on fan reaction,” Styles explains. “And now we’re not seeing it or hearing it. So that makes it difficult. But I think, I dodged a bullet in my match at Wrestlemania, being a Boneyard match, because there weren’t going to be people there anyway, but it’s a different atmosphere.

“It’s not great not having fans there. Everything we do is based off [the fans] and not having them there, it’s not good. But at the same time, it was important for us to do Wrestlemania. Not just for one day or two days, because our job is to entertain. Our job is to make you forget about what’s going on in the world. It’s just not good right now. But we’re going to get past it. We’re going to get over it. And then, in the meantime for Saturday and Sunday, we’ll make fans forget about what’s going on and just enjoy that time and watch some television.”

It is important to unplug from the world to just enjoy something lighter. And even with the major changes happening to Mania this year, it will still be entertaining, and fans will get two nights of action. For more on Wrestlemania, make sure to check out the full match card for the upcoming show.

Wrestlemania 36 airs on Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5 at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT with a Kickoff Show starting one our prior. Make sure to come back to GameSpot during the weekend for full live coverage of the event along with a review from GameSpot’s Wrestle Buddies Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring.

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Taylor Swift Reveals How She's Staying Connected to Her Loved Ones

When it comes to practicing physical distancing, Taylor Swift is just like many of you.

The 30-year-old singer is using technology to keep in touch with her loved ones and otherwise pass the time while remaining at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“During this time I know that a lot of my friends and I have been doing a sort of weekly family FaceTime, which is always hilarious,” Swift said on the SiriusXM Hits 1 n chill “Home DJ” show on Friday. “I think it’s really important that we all stay connected because, you know, isolation doesn’t have to be an all encompassing thing. We may be all isolated physically but we can still keep in touch with people, we can still play games with our friends and families on our phones—that is one of the great things about modern technology.”

“So I hope you guys are doing a lot of self care in terms of staying connected to the people that remind you of home, even if the situation is strange and really confusing at this moment,” she added.

Swift said she has also been spending a lot of time cooking, reading and watching television.

“A lot of people have been watching lots and lots of TV in this time of quarantine,” she said. “I have actually been going back and watching old films that I hadn’t seen before. I went and watched – I actually hadn’t seen Rear Window and if you haven’t seen that film go check it out. It’s got Grace Kelly, it’s phenomenal, it’s [by] [Alfred] Hitchcock. So, yeah! I think that we can actually take this opportunity to not only just watch really cool guilty pleasure shows that are current but we can go back and kind of educate ourselves on films that were great in the past and still are.”

“But mostly I’ve been online trying to figure out how to help others,” she said. “And [I’m] just constantly in awe of our first responders and our emergency workers and our health care professionals who are putting themselves in danger every single day that they go to work. So shout-out to everyone who works in a medical profession and everybody who’s out there helping.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for RADIO.COM

Meanwhile, Swift has also been doing her part to help those in need amid the pandemic. Last week, several fans said on social media that the singer had sent them money after they expressed having financial difficulties. Swift also recently donated funds to the Nashville record store Grimey’s New and Preloved Music so its employees could receive paychecks and healthcare for the next three months.

“We were very surprised, and I would have to say amazed, that Taylor Swift reached out to us through her publicist to offer some relief during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Grimey’s co-owner Doyle Davis told Rolling Stone. “It’s a huge deal to us, and now I have some peace of mind as we apply for [Small Business Association] loans to pay rent, vendors, and other expenses. This assistance from Ms. Swift helps give us a real shot at coming back on the other side of this.”

“One thing that I think has been really encouraging to me is going online and see that a lot of people really are banding together and helping each other,” Swift said on the SiriusXM show. “Whether that help is monetary or whether that’s just offering words of support, it’s a crazy time right now and you never know who might be struggling.”

She added, “I think right now we have to connect with our humanity more than we ever have before. So, that’s one thing that I’ve been loving seeing is outreach, people being there for each other in this time.”

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Line of Duty dealt further blow after coronavirus halted production on BBC drama

The coronavirus pandemic has had a monumental impact on TV and film around the globe and BBC One drama Line of Duty was no different. It was reported in March that the drama, along with Peaky Blinders, would have its latest season, season six, suspended amid the outbreak.


However, those who are rewatching the first few seasons on Netflix have been dealt another blow.

Deadline has reported that Line of Duty is about to be removed from the streaming service ahead of the weekend.

This includes the UK version of the streaming platform, on which seasons one through four were available to watch.

According to the publication, the move is a result of the termination of licensing arrangements with Kew Media distribution.


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Deadline reports: “Netflix has the rights to stream a number of Kew Media Distribution titles in various territories and made administrator FTI Consulting a financial offer to maintain these licenses.

“Netflix insisted that the majority of its payment to FTI be passed on to the producers of the titles in question,

“Which in the case of Line Of Duty would have been ITV Studios-owned World Productions.

“FTI is understood to have rejected these terms, leading to a break down in talks.”

Express.co.uk has contact Kew Media for comment.


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Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan dating, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alum Clay Harbor confirms

It’s official. Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are dating.

That’s according to “Bachelor in Paradise” alum and close pal, Clay Harbor.

The reality star, 32, appeared to accidentally spill the tea earlier this week during an Instagram Live with fellow “Paradise” star Chris Randone.

“I’ve met Kelley because she’s from Chicago,” Harbor, who also lives in the Windy City, shared.

“Homegirl’s dating Peter, right?” Randone, 32, then asked, referring to Flanagan.

Without hesitation, Harbor responded, “Yes. I’ll talk more about that in a second. We’ll talk more about that in second.”

On March 25, Weber and Flanagan sparked rumors they were dating when they were spotted hanging out in Chicago amid the coronavirus pandemic, raising questions about whether the pair were in quarantine together.

Harbor appears to be a reliable insider because he and “Bachelorette” alum Dustin Kendrick were seen going on a walk with Weber and Flanagan during this same outing.

In photos snapped during the outing, Weber, 28, was seen throwing Flanagan over his shoulder, which further fueled rumors that their relationship was romantic and flirtatious, not just friendly.

On Thursday, Kendrick shared a TikTok video of him, Weber, and Flanagan doing the “Flip the Switch” challenge, in which they all swap clothes.

At first, Bachelor Nation was surprised to see Weber hanging out again with Flanagan since he had eliminated the Chicago-based lawyer on Week 7 of “The Bachelor.”

The pilot had also gotten engaged to contestant Hannah Ann Sluss in the “Bachelor” finale, only to call it off to declare his love for runner-up Madison Prewett. He and Prewett broke up just a few days after the season wrapped.

Fans have been critical of Weber and Flanagan’s rumored relationship.

One member of Bachelor Nation commented, “Peter thought we all loved Kelley enough to forgive him if he got with her. WRONG, now we just don’t like either of them.”

Another wrote, “I give these max 6 months.”

Weber and Flanagan could not immediately be reached for comment.

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11 board games to play at home during coronavirus quarantine

It took a quarantine for Johanna Pinzler to finally appreciate her husband Avri Klemer’s collection of more than 900 board games, most of which are stacked throughout their Kensington, Brooklyn, apartment.

Klemer — a 44-year-old finance director of a Jewish summer camp who created a board game of his own, Penguin Soccer — amassed the hoard during the couple’s 14-year marriage.

“Here we are, locked in, for who knows how long,” Pinzler, a 45-year-old theater professor, tells The Post. “And all of a sudden … what else are we going to do?”

With the city on lockdown, many New Yorkers are turning to board games to pass the time — even if it means playing them while technically alone.

Kendall Payne, a 25-year-old comedian who quit her ad-agency job a week before the coronavirus pandemic hit, hadn’t had any luck persuading her three roommates in Bushwick to play with her. So she got creative, using the video-conferencing platform Zoom to play the spy-themed word game Codenames with her far-flung friends.

“It was a nice reprieve from the isolation and boredom,” she says.

But what about city dwellers who don’t already have a stash of tabletop games?

We asked the experts for some recommendations: Geoff Engelstein, a professor of board game design at New York University, and Greg May, owner of the board-game cafe the Uncommons and a co-owner of Hex & Company — which is still selling games (and coffee to-go) at its West Side location (2871 Broadway). Here are their picks for games beyond the usual suspects.


A twist on the classic memory game of matching pairs, Memoarrr! has animal pirates turning over cards to find their treasure and escape an island threatened by a lava explosion. Professor Engelstein says it’s a great next step for little gamers.
$7.99, Amazon.com

Rhino Hero

The young ’uns will love moving a little rhinoceros up a card tower they’ve built … until it all falls down. “It’s like Jenga with cards,” says cafe owner May of the dexterity game that lets players set cards up in ways that will challenge whoever goes next.
$14.99, Amazon.com


“A pie has gone missing, and you’re trying to solve the mystery of who stole the pie,” says Engelstein, whose friends’ kids are big fans. Players gather clues around the board and then use deduction to crack the case.
$16.19, Amazon.com

Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core

Fans of the Mouse House will love flipping the script on their favorite Disney movies by acting as the villains in the piece, scheming to achieve their fiendish goals. Four versions are available, including the “Wicked to the Core” pack that lets you play the Evil Queen from “Snow White,” Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and the Frog,” and Hades from “Hercules.” “It’s very accessible, and very well done,” says Engelstein.
$19.99, Amazon.com

King of Tokyo

“You’re a giant monster trying to stomp on Tokyo, and all the other monsters are trying to kick you out of Tokyo,” is how Engelstein describes the game that uses dice to determine your course of action. May says it’s “Yahtzee with monsters.”
$30.74, Amazon.com

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters!

This is a cooperative game, in which all the players team up to find loot and take down spirits by rolling dice and moving around the board. “Kids have to work together and build a plan,” says Engelstein. “So if your kids tend to be really competitive and yell at each other, put them on the same team.”
$29.69, Amazon.com

The Mind

Players each receive a card numbered 1 to 100 and must figure out, without speaking, how to order them in ascending order. “It’s a fun, non-verbal communication game,” says Engelstein. Best of all, this can be enjoyed by just two players.
$12.99, Amazon.com


Comedian Payne and her friends used a video app to play this popular spy-themed game, in which two or more players try to find connections between a set of 25 words. May calls it “one of the most important games of the last few years, and certainly one of the top-selling.”
$15.39, Amazon.com


If you’ve mastered Risk, the classic battle to take over the world, May suggests Scythe as an entry-way into more complex gaming. “In Risk, all of the different players are the same, but in Scythe, every faction has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses,” he explains. It’s on the pricey side, but that’s because it features a lot of custom pieces.
$65.99, Amazon.com

The Quacks of Quedlinburg

The quacks, in this case, aren’t ducks but unhinged doctors who try to brew potions with crazy ingredients without exploding the cauldron. “It’s an award-winning game,” says May, “and it’s very re-playable.”
$71.24, Amazon.com


“It’s sort of an abstract game of making patterns with your tiles,” Engelstein says of this simple pastime, whose players decide where on their boards to place the set’s 100 tiles. May calls it “beautiful.”
$39.99, Amazon.com

BONUS: Can’t wait for delivery? Try making your own version of a classic game with objects from around the home. May suggests using bottle caps to play checkers with a board that you can print out online. If you don’t have a printer, draw a board on paper with a marker. Congrats — you just killed an hour!

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Pitbull To Release New Empowerment Anthem For Charity

Pitbull recently announced that he will soon release a new single, “I Believe We Will Win,” and donate the entire proceeds to charity.

“Let’s show the world, how powerful it is when we come together to fight for one cause – that’s called life,” wrote Pitbull on Twitter alongside a video.

The video offers a sneak preview of his upcoming empowerment anthem, sending out a message to those feeling uncertain amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“If there’s any time to check in for the world, it’s right now,” he says in the video. “Now is when we take fear, and — it’s not Forget Everything And Run. It’s Face Everything And Rise.”

“Now’s when we got to stick together and fight hard… show how powerful it is when we come together. This right here’s a world anthem,” he goes on, dancing atop a rooftop with the Miami skyline behind him. The visual also features footage of an empty basketball court and school classroom.

Pitbull encouraged fans to “Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed.”

The single is due out on April 10. The proceeds will be sent to Feeding America and the Tony Robbins Foundation.

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Jane Fonda, 82, sparks frenzy as she dons tight ensemble in workout clip after 38 years

Jane Fonda, 82, put her age-defying curves on display in a red leotard and black flared leggings. The Hollywood star recreated her fitness videos which were first released almost four decades ago.

She released her Jane Fonda’s Workout VHS in 1982 and sold more than 17 million copies around the world.

The Grace and Frankie star looked incredible while in quarantine, as she encouraged viewers to take part in her routine.

Jane released the fun video in a bid to bring awareness to climate change.

While the actress laid on her side on a yoga mat, she said: “Hello TikTok, my name is Jane Fonda. I’m going to bring back the Jane Fonda Workout.


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The video then flashed to a clip of Jane in the 80s performing the energetic routine in a tiny blue high-rise leotard.

Lifting her leg in the air and back down again, the camera panned back to Jane as she told her fans: “Come on and do it with me, lift up and down.”

However, the activist wanted to deliver another message during the video as she discussed the current “climate crisis”.

Jane then changed outfits and stood in front of the camera as she spoke about climate change.

She said: “You know what, there’s too many workouts happening right now on TV or computers.

“What I would really like you to do is workout with me for the planet. There’s a climate crisis, which is a real emergency.”

Jane added: “Whether you’re on your couch or yoga mat, will you join me for a virtual fire drill Friday? The future needs you, I need you.”

Fire Drill Fridays are designed to get politicians to address climate change and have been running every Friday since October.

Eco-warrior Jane has previously been detained at many different rallies and in November she was put in jail for the night because it marked her fourth misdemeanour offence.

The big-screen star also shared the video clip on Instagram with her 1.2 million followers.

She captioned the clip: “Join me for a Virtual @firedrillfriday! Join our virtual #FireDrillFriday this Friday at 11am PT / 2pm ET to keep the pressure on politicians to adopt a #GreenNewDeal, end new fossil fuels, and enact a just transition to a renewable economy that protects workers and communities.”

Jane finished: “Let’s tackle the climate crisis while we #StayHome. Register at the link in our bio. @greenpeaceusa @janefonda.”


  • Peter Fonda health: Star had died from lung cancer

While many fans were moved by her message, many other social media users reminisced over her workout routines.

One person commented: “We need you too! We need your workout live videos for us ladies over 60!”

Another social media user said: “What can’t this woman do,” while another person added: “OMG. You are in such great shape.”

The TikTok comes after Jane revealed earlier this year that she has sworn off any future cosmetic procedures and will fully embrace her age.

“I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery – I’m not going to cut myself up anymore,” she told Elle Canada.

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Sophie Turner Sends Message as She Reads Childhood Book

Sophie Turner is giving back to the students at her alma mater, with some sweet words of encouragement.

In a video posted on Wednesday on the YouTube channel of the Playbox Theatre in Warwick in the United Kingdom, where the Game of Thrones alum began her acting career as a child, she reads one of her favorite childhood books—Judith Kerr‘s The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The short story, published in 1968, features a character named Sophie.

“Good night everyone at Playbox and all of your families. Sending you all my love and keep acting!” Turner says after reading the book.

The Playbox Theatre trains child and teen actors. Turner starred in her first stage production there, Scary Play, when she was 3 years old—10 years before she was cast in her breakout onscreen role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

“Playbox is a fun environment,” the actress told the Coventry Telegraph in 2013. “It’s not just a place for kids to hang around and be silly. We are all very serious about acting. They do not mold you into the actor they want, but let you be yourself.”

“Two of the most memorable productions Sophie was in at Playbox were Red and Se7en, which was circus based; and at school she was very funny as the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz,” her mother Sally told the newspaper.

In 2014, Turner was made a patron of the Playbox Theatre.

The actress’ children’s book-reading skills will certainly come in handy later this year; E! News confirmed in February that Turner is pregnant with her and husband Joe Jonas‘ first child.

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'RHONY': Jill Zarin Details Being Blackmailed Into Telling Her Daughter That She Used a Sperm Donor

Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin just dropped a major bombshell about her daughter, Ally Shapiro. During an interview on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Juicy Scoop, Jill revealed that she conceived her daughter via a sperm donor — and that’s not the only shocking aspect of the story. The former RHONY star also claims that someone blackmailed her into revealing the secret about Ally.

Jill Zarin opens up about her daughter

Ms. Zarin had her daughter over 20 years ago when she was still married to Steven Shapiro. Although they both got remarried, Jill says that his second wife contacted her after their marriage fell apart.

While she was working out the final details of her divorce fromSteven, she asked Jill why Ally looked so different from her other familymembers. According to All AboutThe Tea, Jill knew that she was fishing for answers about how sheand Steven conceived their only daughter.

“Why is Ally the fattest inthe Shapiro family? Why does Ally have blue eyes and no oneelse does? Why is she the shortest one?” Jill Zarin shared.

View this post on Instagram

So grateful that we’re all together right now 💙

A post shared by Jill Zarin (@mrsjillzarin) on

The woman in question had three children with Steven, none ofwhom bore any resemblance to Ally.

Although Jill tried to keep things under wraps, Ally eventuallyfound out about the email and started asking questions of her own. Jillimmediately contacted Steven, and both of them had a talk about telling Allythe truth.

Jill Zarin says she was blackmailed

Instead of coming clean to Ally, Jill and Steven decided to keepa tight lid on things. At the time, Ally was finishing her degree in collegeand they did not want a revelation like that to disrupt her studies.

But Steven’s second ex-wife kept pushing the issue. She arguedthat her children should be aware that Ally is not their biological sibling.Jill claims that she eventually hired an attorney and that all of the partiesagreed to tell Ally the truth after she finished college.

“We were going to take it to our grave, nobody knew,”Jill stated. “We had no plan to tell [Ally].”

In the interview, Jill Zarin made it very clear that she was blackmailed into telling Ally the truth. She later clarified that it was more of an “emotional” type of blackmail than anything else and that the woman just wanted to force the truth out of her.

Ally, who was also present for the podcast, noted that she had noidea that Steven was not her biological father. She also stated that the newssurprised her but it did not make her angry. She was, however, mad at herstepmother for forcing the issue and trying to cause everyone “pain.”

Ally Shapiro opens up about her biological father

Jill Zarin and Ally’s story about her biological father does notend there. After she learned the truth about how she was conceived, Allyreached out and started communicating with her half-siblings.

While she remained in contact with them for years, she alwaysfelt like something was off. Ally’s “gut feeling” proved to be spoton when she took a DNA test with 23&Me.

Shortly after receiving her results, a man reached out to Allyand informed her that they share 52 percent of their genes. This meant that theman was actually Ally’s biological dad, and the half-siblings she had beentalking to all of those years were not related.

Ally revealed that the company her parents used had mixed up thesperm donors, so her father was not the person they had originally picked asthe donor. Luckily, Ally did not develop a super-strong connection to herhalf-siblings, so the revelation was not that life-altering.

“I think if I had a deeper connection, I would have been gutted,”she stated, adding, “I felt like I’d been lying to them all these years.”

Has Ally Shapiro met her biological father?

After discovering the identity of her real dad, Ally reached outto his children and has stayed in communication with them. But when it comes toher biological father, Ally revealed that they have yet to meet.

“Because of what happened, I’m a little more hesitant,”she stated. “I’m just not in a rush.”

Considering everything that has happened, we totally understandAlly is hesitant. She also added that she plans on meeting her father somedaybut is waiting for the timing to be just right. Hopefully, she does not get anymore curveballs thrown her way before that happens.

Fans can watch Jill Zarin’s former co-stars in new episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Thursday nights on Bravo.

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‘Tinseltown’ 1920s Hollywood Mystery Series In Works At Spectrum Originals From Kevin Murphy, William Mann, Kapital & Paramount TV

EXCLUSIVE: Spectrum Originals is developing Tinseltown, a period drama series based on William J Mann’s 2014 bestselling book Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, And Madness At The Dawn of Hollywood. The project hails from Mann, The Son executive producer Kevin Murphy, Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, Tracy Katsky’s KatCo and Paramount Television Studios.

Co-written by Murphy and Mann, Tinseltown is set against the seamy, glamorous backdrop of silent film era. It explores the lives of four pioneer women filmmakers whose lives and livelihoods were threatened by a scandalous murder and the brutal patriarchy of Hollywood’s nascent studio system.

What the description refers to is the famously unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor, the popular president of the Motion Picture Directors Association.

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'Good Vibes Only' Dramedy With The Beach Boys Music From John Stamos, Steve & Jim Armogida And Kapital In Works At HBO Max

“The show centers on four accomplished women filmmakers who get dragged into the grotesque media circus surrounding a murder,” Murphy said. “Their careers are upended and they find themselves pushed out of the burgeoning Hollywood studio system, a system Paramount founder Adolph Zukor has been building by strong-arming independent producers and exhibitors ravaged by the Spanish Flu shutdown.”

If the project goes to series, it will launch on the heels of a global pandemic, the current coronavirus crisis. That would mirror the setting of Tinseltown, which takes place in the early 1920s, immediately after the Spanish Flu pandemic.

There are also other aspects that make Tinseltown timely. Some refer to the events in the book — and its adaptation — as the origin story of the #MeToo movement.

“I believe this is a story about women in Hollywood and the resiliency of women in Hollywood,” Mann said. “We wonder how we got to where we are today, well, this is the origin story of so much.”

Kapital and KatCo acquired the rights to Mann’s book in 2014 in a competitive situation. Kaplan and Murphy had been talking about doing a project together for 7-8 years but Murphy never sparked to an idea until Kaplan sent him a copy of Mann’s Tinseltown. Murphy was coming off AMC’s The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan, which also included historical elements, and immediately jumped on it.

Murphy and Mann executive produce alongside Kapital’s Kaplan and Dana Honor and KatCo’s Katsky.

Mann, repped by APA, is a well known Hollywood chronicler who has previously written Kate: The Woman Who Was HepburnHow to Be A Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor In HollywoodHello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand; and Wisecracker: The Life And Times Of William Haines.

Desperate Housewives and Caprica alum Murphy created/executive produced the series Valentine and Hellcats and co-created/exec produced Defiance. He is repped by Jamie Mandelbaum.

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